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Updated: Feb 5

PEMF has been shown to help dogs and cats with hip dysplasia, arthritis, muscle pain, tendon or ligament injuries, fractures, neurological conditions and even age-related stiffness and soreness.

PEMF therapy sends electromagnetic pulses through fur, deep into the cells. Swelling, pain, and inflammation can be reduced without pain medication.

Research on PEMF therapy with smaller animals has been extensive. Rabbits, rats, pigeons, chickens, and even snails have taken part in PEMF research. The results have been impressive, showing faster healing, reduced need for pain medication, improved mobility, and more.

Choose a PEMF system with a mat for smaller animals like cats and dogs. This can be an excellent addition to your veterinary practice. Since PEMF is non-invasive, painless, and drug-free, you can add this service to grooming or other animal care services.

Can I purchase my own machine?

Yes!! Anyone can purchase their own machine for business and/or personal use. Please contact me today to get the best pricing on all PEMF machines guaranteed! If you are interested in a machine please fill out this form and I will be in touch very soon!


Can I book a therapy session?

Yes! I can come to you! I work in Terrell, Texas and surrounding areas. To book a therapy session please fill out this fill or send a text to (903) 802-0406. Not in my area? That is okay, I can find you someone to take care of you!

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