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When Every Move Matters

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

PEMF is used on livestock, equines, and pets. It functions to optimize the body’s natural functions of self-healing and self regulation. There are over 1,000 studies regarding PEMF therapy that evaluates the effect of PEMF on the body – from pain and circulation to arthritis and bone growth, the range of studies are plenty! One of the biggest hang ups for a person’s healing is good cellular health. Our body is made up of cells from our bone to our muscles and all the systems in between. We are as healthy as our cells current state. PEMF therapy can greatly improve upon your body as well as your animals. Boost Cellular Metabolism. Detect and Relieve areas of soreness! Heal faster and reduce recovery time. Increase range of motion. Improve performance. Improve overall comfort and Wellbeing. Dealing with the aches and pains that our animals experience, is a matter of healthy maintenance. PEMF gives the body a continuous boost to make it through the day or even encourage minor problems to go away before it’s chronic.

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