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PEMF in show cattle

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Preventing Injury and Reducing Recovery Time in Show Cattle Bovine PEMF / By Brooke Simons

INJURY RECOVERY PEMF can help speed up healing time for injuries inflicted by kicking, biting, tearing a muscle, and more. In one scenario I was called out to a farm with show cattle. This young steer came up lame one day. With an evaluation I could identify the areas of tension through muscle spasms and body language from the steer. The PEMF machine has the ability to also provide feedback to us. This is something taught more in depth through PEMF complete’ s structured education course. By energizing the cells of the body it gives the steer the boost that’s needed to continue healing for up to 72 hours. Any inflammation that may be present is also reduced. I have seen this proven true through thermal imaging and outward inflammation seen before and after PEMF usage. Through a consistent schedule of PEMF therapy the steer is given a chance to heal in time for show season. BEFORE SHOWS Keeping show stock on a maintenance schedule of PEMF is recommended for maximum benefits and injury prevention. SHOWTIME In accordance with a recommended regiment, PEMF used the night before a show or the day of ring time is beneficial to loosen up tension, spasms, and free up movement needed to excel. Utilizing the therapy after the show is great for keeping the animal relaxed, feeling healthy, and boosting the immune system; Due to the stress on the body and mind when hauling animals to a new location.

AFTER SHOWS Using PEMF after traveling home from shows gives continued relaxation for muscles, releasing restrictions, keeping a more balanced and comfortable moving steer. Improving the health of the overall condition. WHY IS THIS? By boosting cell energy, releasing toxins and restrictions, relaxing tension, and increasing nitric oxide. WHAT IS NITRIC OXIDE? By increasing the production of nitric oxide when its production is impaired or its bioavailability is reduced, PEMF therapy can help improve conditions and diseases, including those associated with vasoconstriction. Nitric oxide is a molecule that’s produced naturally by your body, and it’s important for many aspects of your animal’s health. Its most important function is vasodilation, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels, causing them to widen and increase circulation. Vasodilation coupled with decreased viscosity is how circulation is increased WITHOUT increasing blood pressure or heart rate. On occasion it has reduced them. Nitric oxide production is essential for overall health because it allows blood, nutrients, and oxygen to travel to every part of your body effectively and efficiently.

Can I purchase my own machine?

Yes!! Anyone can purchase their own machine for business and/or personal use. Please contact me today to get the best pricing on all PEMF machines guaranteed! If you are interested in a machine please fill out this form and I will be in touch very soon!

Can I book a therapy session?

Yes! I can come to you! I work in Terrell, Texas and surrounding areas. To book a therapy session please fill out this fill or send a text to (903) 802-0406. Not in my area? That is okay, I can find you someone to take care of you!

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