The Regenetron is a personal at home Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) device that aids in sleep and energy. The Regenetron features brainwave entrainment in conjunction with low-intensity PEMF. The PEMF Complete Regenetron emits brainwave frequencies needed to improve any aspect of your life. The Regenetron is a solid state digital system. It is easy to use, 8 separate settings. A customer can use 1 or 2 attachments at time for optimal usage. Regentron sessions can be 30 minutes to 8 hours while the consumer is asleep. The Regenetron is lightweight, weighing only 2.64 lbs with a dimension of 14.6cm X 22.2cm X 5.5cm. The size of this machine is ideal for anyone whether at home or on the go, tired mom to busy business professionals will love the benefits of the Regentron machine.



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