Along with PEMF, I have chose PHT products with my business, as it compliments PEMF therapy so well as it has many of the same benefits as PEMF.

PHT Magnetics counteracts stress by the following mechanisms: normalization of pH (acid-alkaline balance), correction of cellular swelling and edema, and release of molecular oxygen. PHT is a noninvasive, natural treatment for muscle tightness, soreness, acceleration of healing, and homeostasis.

PHT Magnetics:

  • encourages increased circulation of oxygenates and delivers nutrients to the horse's body

  • supports biological healing, including fighting infection

  • reduces pain and inflammation

  • normalizes acid alkaline balance

  • relieves pain and other symptoms

  • aids in reducing calcium deposits in circulatory system

  • promotes growth of healthy tissue

  • removes lactic acid build-up

  • clears metabolically-produced toxins out of the body

  • External, non-invasive

  • Free from any adverse side effects.

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